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jedomy's Journal

JE: Dream of Me (yay!)
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JE: Dream Of Me (yay!)
Have you ever dreamt of JE boys and spent the entire day in bliss reliving the experience of seeing them up close? Have you ever exchanged JE dreams with a fellow fangirl and squeed insanely at each other's dreams? Did you ever wish you could share your dreams with more like-minded people and partake in the fangirl joy of hearing others' dreams as well?

Thus we have JEDOMY, a Johnny's Entertainment dreams community for everyone to share their dreams of our favourite JE guys. Yayness. :D
Community Rules (yay!)
Jedomy specific:
1. Please tag all entries with the full name/group of the dreamee/s and include the gist of the dream in the post title to facilitate classification of the entries in the dreamlist.
2. Tag all other posts (polls, questions, plugs etc) as 'misc'.
3. Please do NOT share full dreams (unless perhaps quick comparisons between your dream and the post's etc) in comments because it makes it messy to add the post to the dreamlist. Post a new entry for that.

And the usual:
4. Please type in understandable English. Excessive use of punctuation, multi-coloured entries and huge fonts are not necessary. We're not visually impaired.
5. No bashing of JE guys. You may state that you really don't see the appeal in Ryou because he looks like a panda to you, but there is no need to add that he is fugly ewww and so short what is wrong with all these Ryou-lovers!?
6. No bashing of others. Don't start screaming because someone thinks Ryou looks like a panda or a dreamer got laid by Jin in her dream and you didn't.

Most importantly:
7: COMMENT! No one likes to talk to themselves.
8: POST OFTEN! We want to hear your dreams! :D
Affiliates (yay!)
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Want to be added?
JEDOMY [Johnny's Entertainment: Dream of Me (yay!)] derived its name from a lame joke I like to make about JE groups obsessions with acronym-ising the most random words and using them as their group names. NEWS, ABC, Ya-ya-yah? Yah, you get the idea. ^_~

Uchi Hiroki from NewS/Kanjani8, because we don't get enough of him nowadays. ;_;

Please direct all fan mail this way and hate mail this way (I'm just kidding about the second email. :).