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JE: Dream of Me (yay!)'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
JE: Dream of Me (yay!)

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Friday, 28/12/07 @ 11:40pm



Meeting K8 :D [
Friday, 04/08/06 @ 11:31am

Hello everyone! I have no idea what's going on here because I haven't visited any JE lj-comms (including the one I created! heh) for like the past 3 weeks or something due to this evil thing called the A Levels which will descend upon me in 3mths, buttt I hope everyone's been having nice JE dreams!

So yeah, although I'm supposed to be abstaining from JE, it's not my fault if my subconscious doesn't want to cooperate, yes? ^_^ So I'm here to share a pretty cool JE dream I had last night!

Winning a chance to meet K8 in a contest! XDCollapse )

Egads, I really blabbered for quite a long while. ^^; Well, that's enough for now then! Continue sharing your dreams, so I can read them when I finish my exams in uh, 3 mths. ;_; I really love reading about JE dreams, it makes me grin non-stop. I've already got mouthache from grinning too much while writing about my silly dream with Kattun Shota. o_0

CSI: Arashi [
Saturday, 22/07/06 @ 10:08am

[ mood | mellow ]

Crime Scence Investigation was never this yummy...

Read more...Collapse )

(1) dream

Emo Tegoshi on the Hogwarts Express [
Monday, 17/07/06 @ 4:53pm

[ mood | tired ]

Tego!!!Collapse )

(1) dream

KAT-TUN and the killer part2 [
Friday, 14/07/06 @ 11:55pm

OK! Here is the 2nd part! (oh and btw Ueda was not in this dream as you may have noticed! I don't know why! And I did not ask the guys about it! Maybe he had other bussiness)

So there it is! Hope you liked it! I'm leaving for holidays tommorow and won't be back until the end od August. Bye bye and happy JE dreaming!

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