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Meeting K8 :D

Hello everyone! I have no idea what's going on here because I haven't visited any JE lj-comms (including the one I created! heh) for like the past 3 weeks or something due to this evil thing called the A Levels which will descend upon me in 3mths, buttt I hope everyone's been having nice JE dreams!

So yeah, although I'm supposed to be abstaining from JE, it's not my fault if my subconscious doesn't want to cooperate, yes? ^_^ So I'm here to share a pretty cool JE dream I had last night!

Yeah so the dream started with me waiting with some other people to meet K8 after winning some contest to meet them. Then random K8 members started congregating and I kinda started talking to one of them while waiting for my beloved Ryohoho to appear but he DIDN'T! Then the K8 members started walking off while talking to us so I asked the one I was talking to (he looked like Ryuhei but better-looking, haha ^^;) where Ryou and Subaru was, because I noticed Subaru wasn't there too. Neither was Yuu and Murakami actually - wtf, this means I only met 3 K8 members!? What kind of lame contest is this! Huhh the weirdest thing was I distinctly noticed there were 4 K8 members there. Gosh, who's the mysterious extra!? Maybe it was Murakami then, because his looks are the least unusual so as to stand out (I don't mean this in a bad way) among the 4 missing.

So anyway the K8 guy said that Ryou and Subaru weren't here, and I felt very sad because I remembered I'd won a contest like this (oh yeah, and the probability of me winning a contest like this TWICE?) before and met the entire K8 including Ryou (minus Uchi) and that had been a super happy ocassion. Now, allow me to sidetrack from this dream and ponder what this memory of me wining a previous contest means! Does this mean I dreamt about the prev contest in an earlier dream (this has happened to me before - I bring memories from my other dreams into my current dream) or does it mean in my dream self I constructed an earlier memory of this previous contest? In the dream I distinctly felt it was the former (no, I don't understand why I have this kind of conscious thought in my dreams) but now that I've woken up and thinking back...I'm sure I would have remembered such an amazing dream! Gosh, the subconscious mind is a crazy thing.

K, back to the dream. Soo I was sad for a while and wondering why Ryou and Subaru weren't there (I wondered if it was a drama, but then I remembered that they weren't involved in this season's drama series), but anyway I kept talking to the K8 guy (the Ryuhei-lookalike - there's a reason I haven't given him a name yet, it comes later) even though I was thinking of going over to talk to this other guy who looked like Ohkura (just so you know, I didn't spend win a contest that supposedly let me talk to 7 guys end up with me talking to ONE guy) but he and the other K8 guys there seemed to be busy talking to other people so I kept talking to the Ryuhei-lookalike. Anyway it was cool because I found I got along really well with him.

Then randomly some baby popped along and the both of us started playing with the baby. -_- I kept rolling the baby around then suddenly squishing it cos it was so squishy! Zomg, talk about weird. (I suspect I might have been hugging my penguin soft toy at that point in time, HAHA) Anyway after having a very interesting conversation (of which I cannot remember a single word! Except for the baby lol. XD) the K8 guys had to leave and I was wondering if I should ask Ryuhei-lookalike for his email because we got along so well. Sadly, he was starting to act disinterested at this point (probably suspected my ulterior motives! ;_;) and as he was about to go off, I asked his name because YES haha I talked to him the entire time without knowing his name, although I did suspect... (if you can't tell yet, I'm not really a K8 fan, I'm more of NewS, lol).

But then here comes the most confusing part! I was fully expecting him to to say Ryuhei, then he said Shota. And I was thinking Shota!? As in, Yasuda? (for a moment I thought of Ryou's character in Attention Please, but that's not the point) B-but, Yasu doesn't look like that...right? So I asked him what his surname was. And he said...'Katun' (like how the Japanese pronounce Kat-tun). Or it sounded like that anyway. And I was like, O_O 'Kat-tun? As in the band?' But by then he'd disappeared into this door where all the K8 guys had gone into so I was left pondering this mysterious K8 member called Kattun Shota.

OHHH yes I remember now. Before I could go through the door and bother Kattun Shota somemore, my mother WOKE ME UP! But I was kinda happy, because I didn't waste my dream time getting the email of a guy in my dream, HAHA. I did go back to sleep after that though, but I didn't dream of K8 anymore...I dreamt that I went to look for my fellow JE-fangirl friend (Arashi, MatsuJun) to tell her of this cool dream I had involving K8 (haha!), then my dream passed into other uneventful matters like crossing a bridge to visit a church. Lol. XD

Egads, I really blabbered for quite a long while. ^^; Well, that's enough for now then! Continue sharing your dreams, so I can read them when I finish my exams in uh, 3 mths. ;_; I really love reading about JE dreams, it makes me grin non-stop. I've already got mouthache from grinning too much while writing about my silly dream with Kattun Shota. o_0
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