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CSI: Arashi

Crime Scence Investigation was never this yummy...

I don't know how many people in this community know what CSI is, so I'll give a brief summary of the show before getting into the dream. CSI, short for Crime Scene Investigation, is a popular show in America about the people who examine crime scenes for physical evidence, like DNA, fibers, etc. There are actually three series; one takes place in Las Vegas, one in Miami, and one in New York. My dream featured, along with Arashi, three members of the cast of the Las Vegas version of the show. Okay, on with the dream!

Everything started inside a very fancy looking, well lit building with a really high ceiling and Roman columns everywhere. The columns were white and the walls were a light blue-grey, and the floor was made of of the same color blue and black tiles. I believe the building was a bank, but this was never confirmed. I was there with Catherine Willows, Greg Sanders, and Gil Grissom, all of us being CSIs, and we were there to investigate the muder of MatsuJun. His body was laid out on the floor, eyes closed, and a large red stain, obviously from a mortal wound, was on his shirt. Three other members of Arashi, Aiba, Nino, and Sho were also there. Ohno was absent because he too had been murdered. His murder occured earlier though, on a plane when Arashi was flying somewhere that was never mentioned. He had been killed in a similar way, with a wound on his chest. I got to interview the members of Arashi while the other three looked around for clues. All three boys gave pretty much the same story, that they had not been around when the murder had occured. Aiba was in the restroom and Sho and Nino were getting lunch. When they came back, they found MatsuJun dead. Willows, Grissom, and Sanders weren't able to find anything, so we decided to break for lunch. I changed my mind though, and decided to stay back for a bit, and ended up interviewing a bank teller. Everything seemed normal at first, and she appeared to have nothing to do with it. However just as I was about to leave, she said something that implied she had a prior relationship with and knowledge about Arashi. I had an "Ah ha!" moment and confronted her about it. She confessed that she used to be in a relationship with Ohno, but he had dumped her. Feeling humiliated and used, she decided to get her revenge. Originally she had meant to just kill Ohno, but claimed she couldn't help herself when she saw MatsuJun. A chase ensued, and, with the help of some random cops, I eventually caught her and she was arrested. I told the good news to Aiba, Nino, and Sho, though they were still quite sad about the deaths of their band mates. Then I left and went to have lunch with my fellow CSIs.

Yeah... so my mind apparently likes to kill off JE boys. 0-o I don't know what's wrong with me either. I had another dream a few days ago where I was reading the death notices in a paper, and one of them was about Ryo. Hopefully no one will die next time I dream about the JE boys...
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