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KAT-TUN and the killer part2

OK! Here is the 2nd part! (oh and btw Ueda was not in this dream as you may have noticed! I don't know why! And I did not ask the guys about it! Maybe he had other bussiness)

We left off to where I heard the noise behind me. I turned around, ready to scream but instead I froze cause... Junno was standing there looking at me! "G...ghost!" I whispered faintly and I was ready to pass out. But Junno started laughing."No I'm pretty much alive!" he said.
 "But he killed you! He took your head!"
 "No he didn't! Me and the boys used a little trick to make it look like he killed me!"

At that point he explained the trick but I did not understand much. It was far too complicated. I was so happy he didn't die that I hugged him without thinking.
"i'm so glad you're ok! I would never have gotten over it!"
"We are not dying that easily! Relax!"
"Still! You have no idea what the killer is capable of!"
"He has a bunch of weapons... and knows how to use them... so what? We decided to help you and that's that!"
:Wow! But I'm still scared!"
"Don't be!"
And then... he kissed me! (It's weird cause I never paid too much attention to Junno! I like Kame and JIn the most!)
I don't know for how long we kissed but I had to shove him away when I saw movement near some bushes across the clinic. It was the killer! And he seemed to have a gun!

"Damn!" Junno shouted and we ran inside. We hid in the medicine storage and Jin devised a plan. We had to steal the killer's boat and trap him on the island! But we had to use baits!
"You and Junno will be the baits!" Jin said. "Besides he is after you two personally!"
"Way to go!" I said ironically. "do you have any idea how scared I am???"
"Don't worry I'll protect you!" Junno said.
"What? Will you make him think you are a ghost?" Koki joked.
No one laughed.

So basically the plan was: Me and Junno the baits (always the hard job!)
                                                Kame and Jin fetch our boat and meet us at the dock near the clinic
                                                Yuichi and Koki steal the killer's boat and signal the others about the success of the theft

We split up and started acting according to plan. I really did not do much but scream like crazy while Junno was using his acrobatic tricks to avoid the killer's gun. When he ran out of bullets he started chasing us. We ran to the direction of the rendz-vous; the dock. Kame and Jin were there with the boat and its engine on. We got on and speeded away. Just then we saw the signal.
"Koki and Yuichi did good!" said Kame relieved. 
"Now we're outta here!" I shouted happily.

But then... some heavy steps disturbed us... We turned around and... the killer was standing there at the moonlight, on our boat holding an axe.!Last thing I did was scream with all my might!
And then I woke up... I always wake up before my death so it's logical it happened like this. But I'll never know the outcome. It really ended like a scary movie!

So there it is! Hope you liked it! I'm leaving for holidays tommorow and won't be back until the end od August. Bye bye and happy JE dreaming!
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